M is for Maje - M is for Milgrom

The Maje M bag is the result of Judith Milgrom's desire to design a piece that goes with you every day. To write a long story between M and you.

This season a new chapter begins.

The M bag retains its essence but branches out with new models and toys with colours and materials. It creates surprise and enthusiasm.


The Maje M bag is an identity: fringing, a moulded handle, central stitching, and perfect proportions.

It is a soul: the interplay of materials, the traditional leatherworking techniques.

It is a desire: formats adapted to your lifestyle.

It is a state of mind: bohemian and delicate.

It is a signature: the embossed gold logo, the Maje name engraved even on the snap hooks, the adjustable shoulder strap, the rivets. Details that add up to the perfect bag. A unique look.

The M bag will be your companion from morning to night. It will stay with you from dusk till dawn. A discreet format and a dazzling design. A unique construction with draped gussets on the sides that satisfies your every need. Carried on the shoulder, across the body, in the hand or folded to imitate a clutch, it will truly enhance your style. It will perfectly match any look, completing it harmoniously.


The Maje M bag features different materials.

Suede leather for a soft, velvety feel; colour variations for a unique piece.

Smooth lambskin for delicacy, refinement and timelessness.

Finally, quilted leather, top stitching, Art Deco inspiration, and beauty and technology combined.
These high quality materials are easy care, ensuring this everyday bag lasts and lasts.


TThe M bag also has a wide colour palette, meaning that you can find the perfect model for every location and occasion. Blue, green, yellow, black, khaki, coral, navy, chalk... Be bohemian, be good, be lively, be bright. Be what you want to be.


The M bag lets you have fun with its three ethnic-chic-inspired detachable patterned shoulder straps, to mix and match as desired.

M animations

While Maje is writing its new chapter, it remains faithful to its history while opening up the field of possibilities. Africa is the key inspiration for the Spring-Summer 2017 season, with the M bag accompanying the Maje girl on her journey. It changes, adapts and diversifies, while always retaining its identity.

There's the MKnit, hand-knitted from natural cotton, with its summery, outrageously fashionable spirit.
There's the MEthnic, woven from bands of leather and golden cotton threads.

There's the MWeaving, a patchwork-style combination of bands of leather and textile positioned by hand, one by one. With its palette of blues it will complete the pieces from the Denim capsule collection to perfection.

There's the MStud made from suede leather, spangled with 78 studs of different colours and sizes for a glittering evening look.

Elegant, traditionally crafted jewellery.
Exceptional, limited editions that showcase the precious work of our manufacturers.


Introducing the M Padded bag made from quilted leather and featuring the symbolic M in an art deco style.Lovingly created with immaculate topstitching. The heart and soul of Maje in one single piece.


The M Jewels carries the soul of the M within a new structure. The design codes remain the same. The changes come in delicate, exquisite touches. The engraved snap hooks, the adjustable shoulder strap, the jewellery clasp with crafted buckle that enhances the bohemian-chic look. An essential, unique piece.

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